Saturday, February 27, 2010


A good friend of mine and I have an ongoing joke about MLMs (multi level marketing companies).  I thought I would share our recent correspondence about them!

Good friend:  BTW, when are you going to create the "cool group" mlm, I want to be the first rep, that way I can get in at ground level, and really take off with it ;). I have had two requests this week from friends in (insert state) to join one.

My response:  MLM people must say this to themselves each morning: 

"I love the MLMs! They make me feel so confident in my friendships! I especially love how well everyone responds to my phone calls when I let them know I have something wonderful to share with them that will be life changing. I haven't made money yet, but that is because I am purchasing my monthly supply to remain a part of this incredibly inspirational company. One day when I am driving my Mercedes I will look back at these leaner days and cherish the lesson that I learned. Only sacrifice will bring the reward and I can feel it, I am so close! I just need to find a way to pay for next months supply. Maybe I can talk some of my closest friends into looking at this once in a lifetime opportunity. Especially the ones that live out of state, because it is way less saturated where they are. That would definitely cover the cost of the product for me. And what a product it is! It cures cancer, reverses aging, helps me lose weight and makes my hair super shiny.  Yep, I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the MLM!"

I know, I am so mean! I really think that one day just for fun I really will start the "Status" company. It will be big! And I won't feel bad taking money from everyone who joins because they will feel so good about themselves. Just see the mantra above!

I had told my friend about a year ago that I would start a "Status" MLM that people could join and it would make them cool.  

Sorry if you are part of one and if it works for you, best of luck to you.  It is just not my cup of tea!

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