Thursday, February 11, 2010

You want emberrassing? I'll give you emberrassing!

My husband and I went to dinner and a show with some very good friends.

Apparently I took the "very" part a little too seriously because when we got to the movie theater and walked in my friends husband announced he was going to use the restroom.  "Oh!  Great idea, I don't want to leave during the show!"  I said enthusiastically. 

I turned to get my ticket from my husband, then walked to the bathroom and went right in.  

I stood there for a minute stunned.

"This is strange" I thought to myself.  "Why would Lisa's* husband be in the womens bathroom?"

Even stranger still was the fact that there were urinals in the womens bathroom.

It took a few too many seconds for everything to register.

A few too many seconds as I inappropriately stared at my friends husband standing in front of the urinal.  But I wasn't looking, I was more in a state of confusion. And no I didn't see anything I shouldn't have!  It was more of a "one of these things is not like the others" kind of stare, while my brain was trying to catch up to the situation.

I turned bright red as the realization of everything hit me.

Then I started laughing.

Bob* turned to look at me.

He raised his eyebrows and gave me a look of confused wonder.

I laughed again, said sorry and ran out as fast as I could.  I went across the hall to the womens bathroom and I could not stop laughing.


I never did ask if he got gun shy after that.  That would just be too much information!

The rest of the night I would laugh whenever I looked at him.  I don't think he appreciated it too much towards the end. 

*names have been changed for privacy!

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