Friday, December 18, 2009

I am having a brain cramp. Too much writing. Too much reading.

I have read (actually quickly browsed and skipped through) about 4 books in 3 days. I couldn't really get into any of them. I don't know what it was that turned me off on all of them exactly. Maybe I just need to take some time off from reading. (And no, I don't normally try to read that many books in such a short time! They were just that bad!)

One of the books (it will remain unnamed) had the worst main character I have come across in a long time. It was written in first person style and the character sounded like a drone. Everything was ho hum. Even in parts that were supposed to be exciting had nothing there. The main character got his toes stepped on in a big way and he just acted like an Eeyore. It was infuriating actually. Maybe that was the point of the book and I just didn't get it.

Another one of the books was so sappy I was embarrassed. Maybe I am just too cynical.

On the other hand, I will tell you about a book that I read earlier in the week that I really enjoyed. It is called Enchanted Inc. by Shanna Swendson. It was a light, fun way to spend an afternoon. I liked it well enough that I will definitely read the sequels.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My guilty pleasures

During the Holiday season there are some things that I look forward to almost as much as Christmas morning. My girls also join with me in these little pleasures. My husband and son on the other hand just laugh at us, but leave us alone when it is the "time".

The things we love are.......

The kitschy Holiday movies.

It is almost embarrassing to admit to this, but we love them. The acting is usually pretty bad, the story lines are silly, but we try to catch as many as possible. Some of our all time favorites are Holiday In Handcuffs, The Christmas Card, The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, The Holiday Switch, Santa Baby and Silver Bells.

I could keep going on and on, naming movie after movie. I would have to blush if I continued though because you would think that we did nothing else. Just keep in mind that all of this wonderfulness starts around Thanksgiving so we have plenty of time to get our movie fix. Our ritual is always the same. We make our popcorn, sit in front of the TV with the DVR ready to go and we are whisked away into another world.

We are always sad when it ends, but we look forward to the next year with anticipation.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Something I learned

I know that we should never judge people. I have been taught this principle my whole life. I have always tried to follow this but last week I really paid attention to the teaching in a different way. I learned that we should never look at anyone and think they have it all with nothing to worry about.

(No, it was not Tiger Woods that brought this on!)

Some people that are close to me are going through a struggle of epic proportions and when it happened I was shocked. I had always looked at them with admiration, awe and yes, if I am being totally honest, a twinge of jealousy. They always seemed so blessed. Everything turned to gold that they touched. They went on awesome vacations. They completely enjoyed each other in every way. Their kids are cute, funny and full of personality.

That is what I thought. Little did I know that they were struggling so deeply.

Shame on me.
Shame on me for judging them.
Shame on me for making assumptions.

I am not saying that we should walk around with a pessimistic eye towards everyone. What I am saying is that we should always show genuine love and concern no matter their circumstances in life. We should always reach out even when things appear to be going peachy. You just never know. The old saying about "death and taxes" should probably add heartache. No one is immune to it. They may pretend it hasn't touched them, but it is there.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The naughty list

Yesterday I had a very funny episode with my youngest daughter. She is four. The evening started out with her getting very upset about not being able to find her princess socks. She went up to her room and emptied her sock drawer onto the floor all the while crying and screaming "I hate you dumb bumb poo poo head!" at her sister who is eleven. The four year old kept blaming her oldest sister of taking the princess socks. To make matters worse her sister was having a hard time containing her laughter.

Then I came up with a brilliant plan. This is how it went:

Me: I think maybe we should call Santa Clause and let you talk to him

4 year old daughter: (Suddenly quiet and a little white in the face) Ok.

Me: (calling one of my awsome brothers who moonlights as Santa in a flash) I have someone who really needs to talk to you about the way she has been acting.

4 year old daughter then proceeds to listen, nod and occasionally reply to "Santa" about having a hard night, but trying to be nicer to her sister.

4 year old daughter: (agrees to be nice, hangs up the phone and without missing a beat, looks at her older sister, who is innocent by the way, and says....) You're on the naughty list poo poo head!

I could not hold back my laughter after that!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hi there! I am back! We are healthy and happy! We didn't ever end up with the real flu, just a nasty bug that made its way through a few of us.

I just wanted to tell you about something that I love.

Warm, homemade tapioca pudding. It is so good on a cold winter day.

MMMMM!! I made some today and I am loving it!