Thursday, December 10, 2009

The naughty list

Yesterday I had a very funny episode with my youngest daughter. She is four. The evening started out with her getting very upset about not being able to find her princess socks. She went up to her room and emptied her sock drawer onto the floor all the while crying and screaming "I hate you dumb bumb poo poo head!" at her sister who is eleven. The four year old kept blaming her oldest sister of taking the princess socks. To make matters worse her sister was having a hard time containing her laughter.

Then I came up with a brilliant plan. This is how it went:

Me: I think maybe we should call Santa Clause and let you talk to him

4 year old daughter: (Suddenly quiet and a little white in the face) Ok.

Me: (calling one of my awsome brothers who moonlights as Santa in a flash) I have someone who really needs to talk to you about the way she has been acting.

4 year old daughter then proceeds to listen, nod and occasionally reply to "Santa" about having a hard night, but trying to be nicer to her sister.

4 year old daughter: (agrees to be nice, hangs up the phone and without missing a beat, looks at her older sister, who is innocent by the way, and says....) You're on the naughty list poo poo head!

I could not hold back my laughter after that!

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