Friday, December 11, 2009

Something I learned

I know that we should never judge people. I have been taught this principle my whole life. I have always tried to follow this but last week I really paid attention to the teaching in a different way. I learned that we should never look at anyone and think they have it all with nothing to worry about.

(No, it was not Tiger Woods that brought this on!)

Some people that are close to me are going through a struggle of epic proportions and when it happened I was shocked. I had always looked at them with admiration, awe and yes, if I am being totally honest, a twinge of jealousy. They always seemed so blessed. Everything turned to gold that they touched. They went on awesome vacations. They completely enjoyed each other in every way. Their kids are cute, funny and full of personality.

That is what I thought. Little did I know that they were struggling so deeply.

Shame on me.
Shame on me for judging them.
Shame on me for making assumptions.

I am not saying that we should walk around with a pessimistic eye towards everyone. What I am saying is that we should always show genuine love and concern no matter their circumstances in life. We should always reach out even when things appear to be going peachy. You just never know. The old saying about "death and taxes" should probably add heartache. No one is immune to it. They may pretend it hasn't touched them, but it is there.

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  1. It's true, sometimes there's more to a situation than meets the eye. Wise words to remember here, to be compassionate and caring with those we meet. Thanks for sharing ...