Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The sweet smell of skunk......

Excuse me as I dry heave while I type this.

It is that bad.

Last night I had an errand to run, so, I hopped into my car for a few blissful moments of me time.  I cranked up my Taylor Swift cd and joined the fast flow of traffic on the freeway.  The exit I needed came and I merged off and was on my way to Ikea.  Pure joy up until this moment.

I noticed a few cars doing a weird little swervy move up ahead of me.  I thought it was a strange thing for them to do until I got to that point in the road.

The smell.  It was horrible.  

The sight was just about as bad.

A dead skunk was right in the middle of the road.  Well, not exactly the middle, kind of off centered to be exact.  Off centered just enough that it was in the exact same spot that my left tires were headed.  That was the reason for all of the swervy moves.  Only I couldn't swerve.  Cars were coming toward me and there was no room on the other side! 

Oh the horror!

I drove right over it!

The smell, the smell, the smell!

I thought I knew what a skunk smells like.  Until last night that is.  Now I really know what it smells like!

In an instant a putrid, pungent perfume permeated through the air of my car.  I rolled down the windows but found no relief.  Gasping and choking I drove into the parking lot and saw puddles of melted snow.  Thinking it would help to drive through the water I headed right through them.  I parked my car with all of the windows down hoping that the night breeze would come through like a Merry Maid and rid my car of its aroma.  

As I walked through the store I wondered if anyone could smell me.  I could smell me!  Of course they could if they ventured close enough!

Purchase in hand I headed out to my car.  The smell of skunk was everywhere I turned.  Thinking that it was just the foul air and not my foul car that I could smell I ran and opened my trunk.  


I was assaulted with the sharp smell that had settled within.  

There was only one way I was going to make it home.....

With ALL of the windows down and the heater on full blast, the cold winter air sliced at my face and I had to wipe the tears off my cheeks repeatedly.   I then spied a gas station with a car wash attached.  

I washed my car longer than necessary and tried not to think of what was splashing up into my face as I sprayed the undercarriage.  It didn't make the problem go completely away, but there was a definite improvement.

My car spent the night on the driveway with the windows down.  I wasn't worried about anyone stealing it because of the smell.

It was better this morning, but the sun brought out the aroma like a scratch and sniff.  It is still there, just waiting to be brought to the surface.

Looks like I will be spending some time with google trying to find a way to rid my car of the olfactory infestation.



  1. Oooh, I feel your pain! I've never experienced a skunk's smell before (there's not that many skunks here in London) but I imagine the smell is enough to keep away bears and other predators!

  2. Oh, sorry for your skunk encounter. I guess this is the time of year they start coming out of their winter hibernation. Cannot be a fun situation for you, hope things clear up soon!