Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Forgetful and Judgy....

My husband forgets things all of the time.

And when I say "things" I mean things like his pants, a belt, shoes, a shirt, or his underwear kind of things.

You have to know something about him before you make any snap judgments about his forgetfulness.  He leaves for work at 6 a.m. each and every morning and heads straight to the gym.  He gets ready there, so he really has to pack a small suitcase every night before he leaves.

For whatever reason he has been quite forgetful this past week and a half.  (Which when I think about it, he hasn't really gone more than 6 weeks at a time without something that was forgotten.)

Last Thursday I got a phone call from my embarrassed husband who forgot his underwear.  He told me about the strange looks he got from everyone else in the gym as he put his pants on in what he refers to as the "free-ball" style.

Monday he calls to tell me he forgot his belt.  (not so bad, right?)

Yesterday, he called me in a panic and needed to know where the nearest Walmart was.........He forgot pants.  (He would be mortified if anyone knew he was buying pants at Walmart.  He is a bit of a clothes snob.  But hey, they are open 24 hrs. a day!)

Today, well, today was just as much fun.  He forgot his COMPUTER!  Hee, hee, hee!  I realized this before he even got a chance to call and let me know.  Me, being the nice person that I am, thought that I would run it to his office (35 miles away) before he even noticed that he didn't have it.  (He was still at the gym during this time).  In my haste I didn't worry too much about my own appearance or of my 4 year old daughters.  We hopped in our car, zipped up the freeway, and waited.  


I called.  No answer.

I called again and again.  Still no answer.

I looked at my daughter and thought I might as well make this little trip of ours fun, so I left my husband a message and drove to the nearest McDonalds.  

Walking into the McDonalds I wasn't too worried about my appearance.  It's still early, most people are in a hurry and I don't know anyone anyway so it doesn't really matter.  We order, sit in our booth, relax a bit and then I start to take in my surroundings.  

That is the time that I start to realize that pretty much everyone in there looks like they spent a cold hard night on the streets.  The restrooms near where we were sitting had some sort of contraption on the doors that you needed to insert a token in order to unlock the door to go in and use the bathroom.  My daughter and I were just one of a few females.  The rest were men.   Tired, hungry looking men.

Oh my.

I was a little nervous. 

I kept watching the door, waiting for my husband to get there.

Minutes take a really long time when you are just a tad bit nervous.

My daughter was blissfully unaware of our scenario.  Which to be honest was probably not that bad.  I just have an imagination that will bring out all of the possibilities of any situation.  

We waited and waited and waited.

Finally, my husband came.

"Glad you are here!  I am having breakfast with all of the homeless people."  I said to him.

He looked at me, looked around the room and said "You fit right in."

I realized in that moment that my daughter and I were dressed like we had spent the night on the streets as well.  She had on a dirty long sleeve shirt, long pink camouflage shorts, dirty moon boots, a stained red jacket and a rats nest in her hair.  I sported my husbands too big black sweats, my brown ugly boots, my sons fur lined hoodie, and an equally impressive rats nest pulled up into a pony tail on the top of my head.

"Oh!  I guess you are right!" I said.  

Then I started laughing.  I remembered the cute "showered" family that had been in the restaurant earlier.  They had looked at me with sideways glances, but I had assumed it was because of everyone else that was there.  

Nope.  I was scary too!

I wished I could have had someone take a picture of us.  My husband all clean and dressed in nice work clothes eating breakfast with us.  It probably looked like he found us outside and wanted to make sure we had at least one good meal for the day.  

Here is what I learned.  I need to make my husband a check list and I still need to work on not being judgy.  (If you read earlier posts you will know what I am talking about)  

I have far to go!

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