Friday, April 30, 2010


And how could I forget to mention this!!!

Because of my yoga class that I've been going to, I can now do a full back bend! 

The first time I tried it (about 6 weeks ago) I could only get my hips off the ground.  My shoulder and head were another story all together.  They seemed glued to the floor.  My arms just didn't have the strength to push up and I was sure that my back would never be able to arch in such an unnatural position.  Miracles do happen my friend!  In my last class I was on the floor in the bridge position ready to push up into nothing because it has never happened, when low and behold I raised my body, arched my back and realized that I was in a full back bend!  Outbursts of joy are generally not done in a dimly lit yoga class, but believe me, every one knew what I had accomplished in that exact moment.  My puny appendages are getting some muscle and the rest of me is getting bendy! 

I love it! 


  1. Yoga is wonderful for the body and mind.



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  4. Let me try this again,

    Robin, I have been amazed at how much I have been enjoying the yoga class. My husband and my 15 year old son are now regulars with me as well. The made fun of it until they tried it, now they love it!

    Purple Cow, you better believe it! I'm a Super Freak! My next trick will be to get into one of the balance poses. That will be nothing short of a miracle!