Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Super Freak.....

A few of my friends and I have been working out in the mornings together.  I love it.  It gets me out of bed and forces me to go.  If I know someone is waiting for me I will not miss.  If I am just depending on me to get there, I will often let myself down. 

Anyway, we decided to try a yoga class that is offered on Tuesday mornings.  Let me tell you, it is a challenge.  It will be quite a while until I don't feel a little ridiculous on that morning.  The 3 of us have really lucked out with the class because so far no one else shows up besides us and the instructor.  It's like having a personal yoga coach meeting us on Tuesdays.  

This morning she wanted to challenge us a little bit more and would get us into a pose and show us what we could do to make it even harder if we wanted to try it.  We were going along struggling here and conquering there when we got to the Warrior poses.  The first one is fine, the second one is pretty hard, but the third!  Oh man, I have no balance!  

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse we faced forward and balanced on one leg with the other leg bent and crossed, resting just above the planted legs knee.  She then proceeded to have us squat really low, place our hands on the floor, lean forward and rest our crossed leg on the backs of our bent arms.  (picture a hand stand with arms bent slightly and one leg bent and resting on the elbows).  At this point she balanced her other leg straight out with her head and chest straight out going the opposite direction.  She was an arrow parallel with the floor, balancing on her hands with one leg crossed at the elbows.   

I was in awe.

In my mind all I could hear was the song that says "super freak, super freak, she's super freaky!".   I started laughing because I could hear the music in my head and I couldn't believe that a human body could do what she just did.  She looked at me and I asked her if she had ever been with the Cirque de Soleil.   I kind of killed the mood because she started laughing too.  

She says that if I keep doing yoga regularly I will one day be able to hold the pose she had gotten herself into.   

When that day comes I will post a picture of myself holding the pose for all to see!  Because I want to be a.....

Super Freak!


  1. seems to me like you already are one...go girl!

  2. i can completely picture you breaking out in song in the middle of a serene yoga class...hilarious..especially THAT song....