Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Have you ever had a night where you dream something that seems so real you feel a bit confused when you finally wake?

Last night I did just that.  It was the most strangely realistic dream I have ever had.  

I dreamt that my husband and I had secretly moved our family back into one of our old houses without anyone knowing, not even the current owners of that house.  While in the middle of unpacking our belongings, I called one of my friends who lives in that area to ask if she knew how much we should offer to pay in rent for our old house.  She was really confused by my question, which made me laugh!  It took a while for me to convince her that we were really there and she could not believe it.  She was kind of worried that we would get in trouble by the current owners, but I did not seemed concerned at all.  I acted like it was the most normal thing in the world to do. 

When I woke up in the early morning I had to look around at my surroundings for just a minute until it registered in my brain that I had been dreaming.    

I tend to have strange dreams now and again. 


  1. I have had similar dreams - recurring from time to time. Like you, I will find myself in my old house (furnished differently) and, in my case, I am apprehensive as to
    what I will say if the new owners arrive back. Sometimes the 'new' owners may be in another part of the house. There is a sense of 'coming home' mingled with unease that I am going to get into trouble.
    Although I traind as a dream therapist it is notoriously difficult to interpret one's own dreams. This type of dream does, however have some obvious symbols (well, for me, at any rate.) The house I return to is the first house we bought when we were married and, naturally carries with it many memories. So it is a kind of yearning for things to be the way they once were (our relationship; my youth; the chance to rectify mistakes, do things differently... etc. But I cannot go back - time has moved on. So although the dream usually begins with returning being a 'homecoming' the realisation of the impossibility grows (in the form of anxiety at being 'found out') as the dream progresses.
    In these dreams I never actually get confronted by the 'new owners' but I am busy working out some kind of excuse or 'alibi' for when I do!
    It is always recommended to look first for the 'obvious' explanation of a dream. But one could also see the 'house' as a symbol for the mind or personality. In my case this would again be to do with re-examining 'me': who I am and WHERE I am. Most people, as they grow older have an urge to do this, but they may keep it hidden from themselves. In dreams the barriers are down!
    I believe Freud was right in that 'Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious mind'

    Oh, I do go on, don't I? I bet you never bargained for that. It is just that I dream every night and find my own and other people's dreams fascinating - a lifelong study, you might say.

  2. I would drop everything and go back to that house, time and place in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. I have never had a settled feeling anywhere I have lived except for the short time that I lived in that particular house. I belonged there.

    Maybe I should tell you more of my dreams! They are interesting to say the least!