Thursday, November 5, 2009

I finished.....

the novel I was reading. I wish I could say right now that I finished the novel I was writing, but if you have read any of my earlier posts you would know that I have a problem with reading. As in I read too much. Anyway, THE HOURGLASS DOOR by Lisa Mangum, was good! Very interesting story idea and it does leave you hanging a bit at the end which I love/hate! I love cliff endings when I have book 2 in hand. I hate them when I don't, and it looks like I will have to wait until summer to read on.

My husband would think this book was just ok.

There are a few ways that I classify books, one is whether I would like it, the other is where my husband and I would like it. (please keep in mind this isn't the only way I classify books though, it is just an "in general" fun way).

To explain a little better, my husband hates romance. He hated TWILIGHT and read all but the last 20 pages when he threw the book across the room (that is the truth). He said he didn't want to read any more about how some guy smelled or how he looked or how this girl was hot and bothered. He liked the MORTAL INSTRUMENTS SERIES quite a bit. Yes, there was some romance, but it was a LOT of action and danger and suspense.

So, with that all clear as mud, my husband would say that this was better than TWILIGHT but he still wouldn't like it.

I see things a little differently than he does. I do like romance, not the gross quivering thighs kind, but the cleaner, leaves more to the imagination kind. I like being reminded of what it felt like to fall "in love" for the first time. Sappy, I know, but there it is.

I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait for the next one to come! The author filled it with love, mystery and a great story line. I say good job to Lisa Mangum!

I love to read books that are the first published novel for the author. I then love to read the books that follow to see how or if the author develops in any way in their writing. I am amazed at how some authors are able to nail it with their first book, and I also cringe sometimes when I read (my own words included) and try think what I would do to improve them.

Anyway, those are my thoughts and I'm sticking to them.

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  1. Reading is also a great way to study the craft of writing, to see and absorb the techniques and styles that are on the page. To study what works and what doesn't. So that passion for reading also informs our writing :)