Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am still here

I haven't disappeared from off the face of the earth, but I am sore from running and tired from staying up too late from reading and writing. All good things, but I have not stayed on top of posting.

Last night my kids got into some boxes of photos (I am not a scrapbooker) and I laughed at the old pictures. My husband and I looked like kids playing house when we were first married and it looked like I was just the babysitter in the photos of me holding my first child on my lap. My kids thought it was hilarious.

It is amazing how much we change. Yesterday my youngest told me I was almost a grandma. No one is pregnant or even close to marriage age at all in our family, she was just letting me know that I am old compared to her. When I look at pictures of myself in the last few months I kind of have to agree with her. Compared to the old pictures I am almost a grandma! (Not really, but yikes, when did the wrinkles sneak up on me!)

I am just lucky that my husband is aging right along with me! I will have to do something about my tummy though. Shortly after telling me I was old, my youngest also let me know that my tummy was fat. She is a real confidence booster to have around. Before you burn her with your thoughts, keep in mind that she is only 4. She just says what everyone else thinks.

Six months from now though, watch out. I may have more wrinkles then, but my shape will be smokin'!

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