Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's fall....

Fall has been present.  

Many times in the past I've complained that Mother Nature went right from summer to winter, robbing us of our fall.  This time around she has made up for all the stolen days of the past.

When I was younger I hated fall.  

I didn't want the leaves to loose their green or the ground to turn cold.  I wanted to always feel the warm sun and have the smell of fresh cut grass.  

I guess I've changed.

Fall now feels like a wonderfully deep breath.   

It's a season that gives me pause.

I love the fall.  I look forward to it. 

I wonder if I will ever feel this way about winter.  We aren't good friends yet.

(I actually took this photo!  I'm quite impressed.  Aren't you?)

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful photos. Fall has its beauty. I too am appreciating it more as I enter the autumn of my life...maybe winter will be ok for us when we're grannies and sitting by a hot stove knitting socks for our grandchildren.