Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book Review!

The Dead Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan

This novel is the sequel to The Forrest of Hands and Teeth, the debut novel by the same author.  The first novel was very interesting and very depressing, but I really liked it because it was so different from other books that I've read.  I read it so long ago, that I never reviewed it on here.  Maybe I will later, but for now, know that I would recommend it.

Back to the review!  

The Dead Tossed Waves takes places years after the ending of the first novel.  The world has been overrun by Zombies whose only purpose is to infect the living.  Gabry is the daughter of the main character from the first book and is someone who likes to play it safe. Taking risks is not part of her character, but one fateful night she is convinced to do something against her better judgment as she follows her friends into an area that is off limits.  This decision sparks a series of events that seem like a whirlwind of chaos in Gabry's life.  She is pushed beyond her limit where personal safety is concerned, as she tries to make right the wrongs that were done.

For me, I liked this story better than the first.  I felt more invested in the characters.  Even though Ms. Ryan's stories seem to follow what is the most popular formula for current YA novels (girl with two boys to chose from), this felt a little more fresh to me.  Things aren't necessarily sugar coated with happy endings for the characters.  In both of the stories, the characters experience real loss and regret.  

Definitely a book to escape reality with!


  1. The only scary novels I've read are Stephen King. Maybe its worth trying the zombie genre. If I can get it in Greece and happen across it I shall.

  2. Stephen King scares the pants off of me! These are nothing like that. But, they are still fun to read in a morbid sort of way. Have a great week!